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Ordering a Microphone

It's easy!

  1. Choose the style of mic you want and send us an email with your choice

  2. We will send you back a quote for that microphone or upgrade

  3. Approve the quote by email and we start working

  4. When your mic. is done we send you a Paypal invoice

  5. When you pay the invoice, we ship your order


Frequently asked questions:

Do I buy a mic for you to upgrade or can you sell me the upgraded microphone ready to go?

It is more common these days for us to provide the microphone and do the upgrading.

However if you provide your microphone for upgrading we save you the price of microphone. So we can work it either way.

Do you have different prices?

Yes we try to provide two or three prices for each of the families of microphones we make. This let's you get a quality microphone within your budget.

What is the difference between the mics at different prices?

Each microphone we make is good but as we go up in price we add more expensive components that move the quality closer to the design goals of the original microphone.

For example, we can use a lower priced K47 capsule to create that 47 sound or we could buy a Peluso K47 or we could get a genuine K47 from the original manufacturer. They would all sound like a K47 with the more expensive one moving closer to the original sound.

Do you do custom builds?

Yes we routinely take on custom orders for our customers. That might require a few emails back and forth or a phone conversations but it all business as usual for us

What if I don't like the microphone after I get it?

We have a 45 day, no questions asked, money back policy. If you don't like the microphone and we can't customize it to your liking, send it back within 45 days of delivery in good condition and we give you your money back.


So email or call today!


Mobile: +1 416 648 9133